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To lose fat, you need to create a calorie deficit.

Or more simply, expend more calories than you take in. 

The best way to do this is: burn it with exercise. 

Most people tend to forget about the 'eat less' part though; they focus on exercise. 

Exercise is important but has limitations. 

Most adults can't exercise enough to get rid of more than 20% of their problems. 

But you can use stress or hormone levels to burn fat for fuel rather than storing it. 

Start by making long-term changes in your lifestyle like improving your metabolism that forces your body to burn its own fat.

In this way, you’ll tremendously lose weight and attain a sustainable routine at the same time.

To start your journey and learn more what everything and anything that goes into a healthy and fit lifestyle

Kate - Lost 29 lbs

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Shiela - Lost 18 lbs

People often get the misconception that going seldom to the gym but reducing food intake is all that goes into weight loss.👀

Not only is that are these difficult to do, but it is also ineffective. 👎

Improvement never happens from doing the wrong thing.🙅‍♂️

Which is why Sheila turned over a new leaf by listening👂 and discovering😮 the truth to weight loss.

She was ecstatic to learn the whys and hows in keeping fit.🙎 Understanding the system of macros was also a huge plus because these were affected by her old eating habits.👌

Sheila then opted for more protein upon knowing how this helps with weight loss, entering a state of satiety, and to build lean muscle.✔️ 

As a mother, Sheila regained the confidence she once had, and according to her, “served as a certificate of being a mom.” And we TOTALLY AGREE.🙌

Sheila enjoyed the fitness journey ending off with a note that it’s not easy to gain improvement with an old, ineffective mindset.💯

👉YOU can reach your target and be clear [about] what your TARGET is. - Sheila👈

To start your journey and learn more what everything and anything that goes into a healthy and fit lifestyle

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Najeeba- Lost 40 lbs

"Actually, I can [do this]. And we're not even in the same country! That makes it so much more phenomenal"

🧑Najeeba lost an astounding 43 pounds since the start of her fitness journey. Before, she was bullied at 12 years old because of her physical appearance. One triggering moment that made her feel ugly, disgusting, and have fake confidence was when someone told her, "You know what, nobody likes you."

🙁Najeeba went into compromising her self worth and self esteem. And this led her into trying out other programs and diet plans such as keto and anorexic which only made her feel like she starved more. Frustration would take over if only a half a bowl of cereal and a sandwich was prepared for breakfast. It went to the point that she was "eating for comfort."

💪But after coming in contact with FitNut, Najeeba exclaimed, "Honestly everything stands out in this program." 

🔥She discovered that cravings were a major imbalance in which FitNit eliminated it completely. She also shared how she tried sleeping 6-8 hours which led her to wonder, "Why do I have so much energy? Why do I look more beautiful?" To which she added that, "I need to sleep 6-8 hours, it makes me feel like a million dollars."

👍What stuck well with Najeeba despite finishing the program was that, "Growth in sleep, eating, amazing support from wonderful human beings, water intake, controlled food portions - it becomes a routine!"

✔️As of now, Najeeba's pictures keep getting better and better and better! And her phenomenal transformation truly shows how even her mental mindset process was guided to get back on track.

❤️As grateful Najeeba is for the program we also cannot equally thank her enough for doing her best into becoming the rockstar she is today

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Caroline - Lost 22 lbs

Meet Caroline client who joined my Renourish & Renew program back in January weighing in at 180lbs. 

She is a busy mom of 3 kids under 6 and is working from home FT. 

2020 created a lot of change for and her family. From structure to no structure, inactivity, learning to balance 3 kids at home and a work from home situation she found herself coping with the changes and time at home with lots of take out. 

Like many the weight just kept increasing over that year, so Caroline decided to start the new year off with a lifestyle rehaul. 

She convinced her husband to commit too and together they took on 2021 becoming healthier, younger and happier versions of themselves! 🥰

PLOT TWIST: 🤯 As her husband hit milestones quicker than she could blink, she found her weight moving like molasses. With much frustration on her part, we took a deep dive into discussing hormones, lab results she had taken, stress and her current activity level and gut health. 

What we identified in working with Caroline is she is a perfectionist and so that brings on a whole other kind of self inflicted stress on top of her desire to people please and just be a go getter. 

So we had to learn to do things not always at an A+ grading, but to look at what a B grading could look like for her when doing tasks and setting expectations. 

We pulled her off all workouts and she just walked daily. Before we knew it the weight began to move again. 

Caroline’s body was stressed and the added stress of working out, training for a 5k and finding the time to workout with 3 kids under 6 was making her situation even worse. When she actually just rested her body- it was able to recover and cortisol came down. 

She admitted after a week of resting how she realized how stressed she was just trying to get all the trainings in. 😀

Caroline graduates 22lbs down, new tools in her ammunition, a closet full of clothes she can wear again, a new mindset towards self confidence and listening to her body. 💪🏽

Congratulations Caroline!! 🥳

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Natalia -Lost 34 lbs

“My weight was the biggest ever in my life which was 225lbs. Thanks to [the] pandemic and me sitting, working from home, snacking, [and] watching movies, [these] lead to very bad numbers.”


Nataliya noticed the change taking place over her body due to new routines and certain habits she adapted to. She was not happy with how her overall physique turned out which is when she crossed the line and stated that “I started working on myself because this was no way to go up. It’s time to go down. It’s too much.”


And in just 2 months before the end of her program, Nataliya lost a whopping 37lbs so far. While she’s currently working on her weight goal, she was still very happy with the results.


When asked what she learned from the FLA program she shared that, “First of all, enjoying my food and watching my calories.” Nataliya incorporated recording her macro intake to take a look at how many calories she intakes but still eating food she liked in moderation. 


What was amazing was that Nataliya found no problems with her new habit and confirmed that by saying, “And I can say I never felt hungry or that I’m starving. I was always cool and losing weight every morning seeing a little less number than before. That helped me a lot.” 


Nataliya even added workouts to her routin even if she claimed it wasn’t her “main thing.” She’d strive to hit her goal of 10,00 steps each day and we were proud of this change.


But what made us shocked and see her huge growth was during her 5-day trip to Mexico.


Initially, Nataliya was actually worried about what would happen to her weight but upon coming back home, she was surprised and proud of herself to have gained only a single pound. And she believes it’s her adjustment to food choices that led her into having control over her weight. Like when she chose pure liquor than a cocktail as a drink. 


She even shared the experience by telling, “Just like a little shot of tequila. Something simple. Because I would always think ‘Okay I can add all of this, it would be too many calories, so let me pick something less.’” 


When asked what was her favorite part of the FLA program she told us that, “I could eat foods that I love. I like that you could eat what you like, you just have to see how much of it you eat.” And we are totally happy that she’s happy to continue eating the foods she loved.


As a final world, Nataliya gave advice to anyone thinking about getting into the FLA fam or into any program at all by exclaiming, “We need to take care of ourself and we’re number one. We have to force ourself to do this first step and then with the help, of professionals and just seeing good results, start little by little. It’s just time to start.”


To start your journey and learn more what everything and anything that goes into a healthy and fit lifestyle, just give us a quick DM with #I’MIN📲


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