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 🗣"I'm a totally different person. Mentally I am aligned. Physically I am stronger and emotionally happier. I am so proud of myself." This is how Chiara summarised the person she has now become after her journey with FitNut Lifestyle Academy.    
🍽 Chiara works a stressful job that often led to her stress eating after work. After attempts of trying to achieve results through trying "too many crazy diets", Chiara knew she needed help with mindset along with nutrition and fitness and reached out to us for help. 
👯‍♀️ Chiara said "Coach Paul was beside me the whole time, he taught me that I can achieve my goals without restricting myself and that habits and mindset are so important to helping me on my journey".   

🗣 @Chiara said "On our very first call, Chiara told me that she wasn't looking for a quick fix and made a commitment to her body, mind and soul in enrolling on her program. She has followed through on this promise to herself and continues to show up even when the going gets tough (and she will be the first to admit that it does!). Her determination is inspiring! Chiara is an amazing client and person and I am so lucky we were paired up together. She has completely transformed her physique and gotten so strong with consistent strength training, now busting out more for reps! More importantly, the lifestyle changes Chiara has made will allow her to maintain this transformation and embody her best self, mentally and physically; which was her ultimate goal!" 
🧡 “FitNuts Team worked for me because it is not just a diet plan /workout. It's about forming daily habits, goals and having a coach that never gives up on you"   
To talk to a FitNut Lifestyle coach about how we do fat loss differently - with a blend of fitness, nutrition and mindset coaching, message us #IMREADY📲 

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🥳Say congrats to LYNN who has gone from thinking she needed to eat low calories forever to eating MORE than ever and maintaining her results! 

🗣 "I was 15 lbs overweight, bloated and just not happy with how my body looked. I felt lethargic and uncomfortable in my clothes," said Lynn about life before FitNut Lifestyle Academy. 

👩‍💻 Working from home, Lynn found it hard to get active when sitting at a desk all day but with the help and support of coach Paul was able to get more active, still eat the foods she loved and lose more weight than ever before! 

😢 Other coaching programs had been very restrictive with Lynn revealing "Other weight loss coaching programs were more about eliminating everything from my diet instead of working around things I love. Coach Paul taught me to focus on protein intake, balancing macros and mindful eating which helps reduce the urge to overeat." 

🗣 Coach Paul said, “Lynn is a busy mom who wanted to lose the "stubborn" 15lbs and keep it off! We focused heavily on how to maintain this by creating habits that she felt great about doing long term. We also dove deep into nutrition. Lynn came into FLA believing she needed to eat really low calories for the rest of her life. And I think a lot of women believe this. Through a proper reverse diet, Lynn is now eating more calories than ever before, and maintaining her weight loss! Super proud of her for doing the full journey, and sticking with it!" 

😀 Lynn said, “Paul help me look at small weekly goals instead of the big picture and created habits. She was there to motivate me." 

🗣 When asked advice for others considering coaching, Lynn said, "Don’t focus on the end goal, it will seem too hard. Set small goals and take baby steps and the lbs will fall off the muscle will start to show." 

For 1:1 coaching opportunities, click the link in bio 📲 

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 "Physically I wanted to lose my muffin top and get fit. Mentally I had no idea how to do this. Emotionally I lacked confidence."
👉 Is where FitNut Lifesytle client Yvette was before starting with us. It's a common complaint - knowing what you want, but having no idea how to do it or the confidence to get started.
🖥 Yvette is stands a lot for most of the day, works long hours and has a lot of responsibility in her job meaning we had to ensure that any changes would fit around long work hours.
🚴‍♀ Yvette had tried going to the gym and attempted some workout at home but always felt she didn't know what she was doing to make a lasting change.
☯ She started her coaching journey with FitNut Lifestyle Academy and soon was understanding how to keep everything in balance.
💪 "I learned that I needed to get a healthy balance, with food, exercise and manage my lifestyle and this is unique to me. At times I did struggle to keep everything in balance. It does take effort tracking and prepping food, the gym and balancing everything with work. I enjoyed learning about food and calories and soon the positive feedback from everyone and seeing my hard work reflected in my results made everything easier." said Yvette.
😃 "This approach has changed my way of thinking. I have made this a lifestyle and part of my life rather than a diet. The results have been worth it."
😊 She summarised; "Mentally I can now understand and manage my food choices. Physically I have dropped a dress size and am happy with my new body. Emotionally I feel the best version of me!"
💬 If you'd like results like Yvette and want to know how to balance a demanding job, lack of time with effective workouts and easy food prep then get in touch! It's all part of our coaching service and it's what helps support each client to their own unique new lifestyle.
To sign up for personalised online coaching, click the link in bio 📲

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📈Can you gain weight and lose inches? Of course, you can!


💪It's all a matter of muscle


🙋‍♀Hailey initially came to us because she wanted to get her old identity back and didn't know how. She wasn't confident with her body shape, didn't feel strong anymore and her energy levels had plummeted. It was time to build some muscle.


✖Ever heard the phrase 'muscle weighs more than fat'? Well, this isn't really true as a pound of anything is still a pound. However, muscle is a lot denser than body fat which means it takes up LESS space.


🙅‍♀Hailey achieved some great results in 12 weeks with us .


That's because she built some lean muscle through her efforts, achieving a sculpted sleek look she is very proud of! Even though she gained weight, she LOST cm on her stomach as she changed her body composition, got stronger, leaner and happier ☺


For some people that is a really scary concept but as you can tell from her photos her body shape looks trimmer and she feels happier and healthier in her appearance.


⚖ Remember: the scales are just one of many methods of keeping track of progress and Stacey shows why you really shouldn't just use weight to track against your goal.


💬Hailey said: "Thanks to FitNut Lifestyle Academy they got my love of fitness back on track! I can't thank them enough! All I wanted was to feel healthy again. This might not be a big transformation but it has mentally given me everything I need to get my motivation back! So thank you! And it's been so convenient to have them on an app, to speak to my coach whenever I want on chat and to have them give me nutritional support I needed. They have so much help on their Facebook group to give you tips and tricks of food and fitness! I couldn't recommend them more for people on the go!

Thanks guys!!" - Hailey


Follow us - @fitnutlifestyleacademy

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😊 "Do it. It has been so worth it!" said Heather, when reflecting back on her fitness, nutrition and mindset coaching journey with @fitnutlifestyleacademy


👩‍⚖️ Heather works long, stressful hours, juggling a lot of responsibilities. She came to us "I was in a pretty low spot overall. Not feeling good about my body, sleeping challenges, pretty emotional, not super interested in anything."


🎙 "Without the ability to turn to some of my normal joy makers (friends), I thought maybe coaching might help my overall well-being to focus on positive physical changes. I heard @coachpaul on a instagram and I liked what he had to say about overall lifestyle change; not a fad or quick fix."


👯‍♀️ Heather was paired with coach Paul @corepillar.fitnut who said, “Heather came to FitNut Lifestyle Academy wanting to lift heavy weights, look great in her jeans, and show her children and her family the true superwoman that she is."


🧡 "And she did just that."

🏆 "What we found out she needed the most was to recognize her wins, to be compassionate to herself, and to know that she is able to take time for herself. We started working on her mindset and changing her inner voice." 

💪 "She has lost over 16lbs and has completely changed her body composition. She has created a stronger relationship with food, feels strong in her body, and has created a long-term lifestyle change." 

🏋️‍♀️ “Heather is now entering her reverse diet and continuing to focus on gaining lean muscle mass. She has such an amazing attitude, she has become a leader in our FitNut Team group, and has been a pleasure to coach." 

🧠 Heather added, "The biggest wins for me though are mental. I've incorporated a morning routine (walk and journaling) EVERY DAY.  I have so much more energy and my mood is much better overall." 


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