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Choose your future

Four program options to fit your individual needs

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#1. Basic To Badass

6-month program. Results 100% guaranteed.

  • Basic Nutrition program.

  • Basic Workout program.

  • Weekly Accountability Mindset Group Coaching.

  • The perfect coaching program for those who feel out of control around food, possess an extensive history of failed dieting, and routinely battle emotional/binge eating episodes.

  • Weekly 30-minute phone check-ins to assess your progress, troubleshoot food-related challenges, and provide you with the psychological tools to ensure you’re moving forward at an optimal rate.

  • Unlimited email and text messaging support available in-between your regularly scheduled phone check-ins.


One-on-one coaching

Fat Murder (Accelerated drop fat faster)

Nutrition Consulting & Workout Design
6-month program. Results 100% guaranteed.

  • You will receive a new customized nutrition program to prevent weight loss plateaus

  • Twice a month One on One coaching.

  • Weekly Mindset Accountability coaching.

  • Everything in the Fat Murder package, but this program is designed to accelerate fat loss by including a customized workout program tailored to your unique body and lifestyle.

  • In addition to one-on-one nutritional guidance and support through weekly phone check-ins, your workout accountability will also be closely monitored to ensure optimal progress on your fitness goals.

  • Phone application software that allows you to access your personalized workouts and track progress through scale weight, measurements, and pictures (all optional).

  • Gym membership not required.

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Fit Girl


One-on-one coaching

Look Better Naked

Nutrition Consulting & Workout Design 
+ Daily Accountability + Unlimited Phone Calls 

6-month program. Results 100% guaranteed.

  • Unlimited Customized Nutrition Program 

  • Unlimited Customized Workout Program

  • Unlimited Accountability Mindset Coaching 

  • Bikini & Stage Body, Athlete

  • Everything in the Look Better Naked package with the addition of daily check-ins, unlimited phone calls, and 24/7 private text messaging support. Basically, I’m up your ass.